Fall 2020

Picking up where we left off! Since the summer of 2019 we have been working diligently on the Feasibility Study for the Ottawa Community Live Arts Hub. Our work temporarily stopped in March in order to transform GigSpace to the realm of virtual concerts, and Alcorn Music Studios to private music lessons online. In September…… Continue reading Fall 2020

May 2020

It has been some time since we posted about the Ottawa Live Arts Community Integrated Living & Learning Arts Hub! This past year we have been working with a Project Manager and together we have met with many different arts groups to discuss their interest in collaboartion. Based on our meetings, we have developed a…… Continue reading May 2020

July 2019

The GigSpace board of Directors is very happy to announce the City of Ottawa has granted funding for the Ottawa Live Arts Community Feasibility Study! We are now meeting with the Arts Organizations who expressed interest in collaborating in the Arts Hub portion of the Live Arts Community. Please click here to view  a terrific overview…… Continue reading July 2019

What’s Next – 2019

Greetings!  GigSpace is excited to share the forward momentum generated for the Ottawa Live Arts Community, as we move full steam ahead into 2019! Fall  Update – 2018 Response has been overwhelmingly positive to our shout out for Expression of Interest in the Arts Hub. Feedback to date represents a cross section of artistic disciplines including visual arts, dance, theatre, music and artisan…… Continue reading What’s Next – 2019

Fall 2018 Update

The GigSpace board of directors are excited to share this personal letter of support from the CEO of Ottawa Community Housing! In October 2018 we received approval from Ottawa Community Housing to circulate a Request for Expressions of Interest Form. This form is seeking interest from local Arts Organizations for affordable space, shared space or office space…… Continue reading Fall 2018 Update

What’s next?

GigSpace board of directors and their project manager have been exploring partnership ideas with Ottawa Community Housing.  If plans continue to move forward in this area we hope to collaborate on a multi-tenant arts hub. This idea would house a new and slightly larger GigSpace performance venue, and include a large front foyer to warmly…… Continue reading What’s next?